Terms of Service

Your Responsibility

You as the customer are responsible for not doing anything that may harm or be detrimental to our service, network, or any other customers. You are renting a “game server” and are expected to only run any scripts or files that are required or needed by that gameserver.
If you do anything to disrupt, degrade or otherwise harm our services or customers, your account will be terminated immediately without refund.

Our Responsibility

We are providing you with a game server and the bandwidth to run your gameserver. Many things are beyond our control but we accept responsibility for everthing that is within or outside our control. We will provide you with a responsive server and support for that server. If you think we are meeting your expectations you are welcome to cancel your server for a full refund within the first 30 days and for any used pro-rated service time thereafter.


Changes to your Service, Player Counts, Location, or Cancellations:
Please submit a Ticket from the Game Panel so we can track the status of your issue
Service Related Issues:
Our support consists of ‘Tickets’ created on the game panel which will be responded to ASAP. For fastest (not always immediate) answers you should use our Discord for support.
We can GUARANTEE that you will have a response to any support request within 12 hours. In reality, the response time is usually less than 30 minutes during normal business hours which are 7am-8pm EST daily. Outside of those hours it might take up to the 12 hours.

YOUR Gameserver Issues:
Help with customizing and coding your server. This is HELP, not doing it FOR you. We may if time is available do some work for you at no charge. What we mean by HELP is telling you what is wrong, pointing you in the right direction, looking at your code or configuration for errors.
If we can, we will perform fixes for you .. but more than likely you will have to do the coding and we are just instructing.


You can cancel your server at any time and will be credited for your unused services. If in the first month of your service you are not satisfied with your gameserver, our support, services, network or anything at all .. you can ask for a full refund which will be granted without question. After the first month, you can receive a refund for unused cancelled services only.