Why our Backup system is better:

A usual method of backups is the “Daily Backup”. It saves all the files that have changed. So if you edit your server config file, it updates that change in the backup. The negative of this is that there is no way to go back beyond the last time the file was edited.
Imagine this scenario:
Server is working fine on Monday. Daily backup saves this.
Edit files on Tuesday. Daily backup saves this.
Wednesday you suddenly realize the server is not working as it should now. You need to restore. BUT the Daily Backup has saved your ‘broken’ files from Tuesday over top of your ‘working’ files from Monday. So restoring simply restores a broken server.

How our system is different:
In the above scenario, we still have Mondays ‘working’ files .. all the way back for 2 weeks. So you can get good files for the entire two week span and see which ones are the ‘working’ files you need. You can also look into the logs and see if something suspicious had occurred on any day in that period.

When we backup:

We run our backups in the early morning hours when most games have crashed for the night. This reduces any impact backups may have on the servers.

What we backup:

We backup your game configurations daily. We do not backup ALL the game files because we can reinstall the default game files, then restore the game configs you have customized from our backups. This saves us A LOT of drive space allowing us to save your data for much longer. This is a partial list of what files we do backup. In addition we customize our backups for each game so we save user-edited files that are specific to that game.

  • .ini
  • .xml
  • .cfg
  • .config
  • .properties
  • .txt
  • .log

What YOU should do:

You should keep a backup folder of your own on your own PC. Any game files you edit should be edited on your local PC and then uploaded to the gameserver. Before you edit a file, make a copy of that file so if there are issues you can restore immediately from your local copy.
You can select files and folders on our Xp Control panels File Manager and zip those to download. So you can download your entire game server in a single Zip file. Please limit the size of Zip files you have stored on your server. We do monitor the usage of each game server.