Server Hardware

A lot of server hosts make a big deal about how fast and advanced their systems CPUs are. Let me put that into perspective for you. Imagine that you had the best CPU you could buy, and it was capable of running 100 applications all at once, when you run 110 applications, your fancy new CPU would begin to lag because it is beyond its capacity. no matter how fast your CPU is at some point it reaches its capacity.

so we have a different philosophy here we use the best hardware that we can get affordably. But then we don’t overload those systems. We monitor our hardware to make sure that it is always running as fast as possible.

that being said, we do strive to have the best equipment

our server hardware is generally equipped with 32 GB to 64 GB of RAM. Some companies make a big deal of how much ram their servers use but if you don’t ever use it all it doesn’t matter right?. And because we keep our servers under utilized. There is always free memory, which means your game server will never be reading or writing data from disc pages. If a different company has 128 GB of G ram, but they are using more of it. You are actually reading and writing from the hard disk, which is unbelievably slow. But not here because our servers are monitored in underutilized at all times we can. And there are some things that simply are better than others. One of them is the storage media. SSD/NVME is significantly faster than the old standard HDD, which is why all of our machines have NVME storage. This means that your disk right to logs or read write to load data is up to 64 times faster than a standard SATA HDD. for free! Most other hosts will sell SSD drive as a add-on service. But here you get it for free!

so can we tell you the hardware that we use on our servers? Not specifically because we have different server hardware to host different games. A 20 year old game does not require the same hardware as a modern game. So we do have servers that are old and slow and probably unable to run the new games , but they are run like lightning when running a 20 year old game. And that’s what we do is Taylor where we host the game to the hardware.