Cpu Priority

A lot of server, hosts offer priority and an extra charge whether they call it CPU priority, thread, priority, or server priority. What they are offering is to have your game server executed on the dedicated machine before other peoples gameservers. We do that for free here for everybody.

let me explain how that can be possible. Imagine going to a amusement park with eight roller coasters all identical. Can you have a fast pass that allows you to jump into line before other people waiting for a roller coaster. All the roller coasters are identical it doesn’t matter which one you get in line for, that is a excellent analogy of thread priority.

so how do we give that to everybody? Because our business model make sure that our servers are never overloaded therefore, nobody is ever waiting in line to get on the next roller coaster. In our system, there is always 20% idle time on the CPU where it is waiting for something to do. the only time priority works is when the CPU’s are overloaded and there’s a line of gameservers waiting to get executed.